Clibu V2.00.12 released, 14 Feb 2018

Clibu V2.00.12 14 Feb 2018

  • When article text is selected with the mouse and the new Click in article to edit it setting is enabled the floating editor toolbar is now displayed again. This broke in the last release.

Clibu V2.00.11 12 Feb 2018

  • Click in Article to commence editing has been reinstated for Desktop PCs. See the new User menu | Settings | Click in article to edit it toggle.
  • When you select a different Knowledge Base Tab, the Tags Tree selection (if any) is scrolled into view as required.
  • The article text selection floating toolbars arrow position is back in the middle again.
  • Article editor keyboard commands such as Ctrl+B, Ctrl+V etc. are now correctly disabled when an article isn't being edited.
  • The Article Tags button is now hidden for Knowledge Bases that you only have permission to view.
  • Adding/removing Tags on one Browser no longer raises an error in another Browser when that same KB is open there. This came about in the V2 update.
  • An error when displaying articles which you only have view permissions for has been fixed. This came about in the V2 update.
  • Article display performance improvements.

Clibu V2.00.10 6 Feb 2018

  • The Tour has been updated and reinstated. It now works on Smartphones, Tablets and Desktop PC's.
  • When you use the Web Clipper "Append Clip to Article" context menu item whilst editing an article in Clibu, the editor exits to enable the appended content to be shown and not otherwise lost.
  • When you change Tabs, the Web Clipper is now updated to use the current article in the current Tab.
  • The Article Title created by the Web Clipper now matches the Title for articles created in Clibu.
  • On Tablets and Smartphones the tag used by Tag search is now scrolled into view when the Tags tree is opened.

Clibu V2.00.09 15 Jan 2018

  • The Web Browser context menu "Clibu Web Clipper | Append Clip to Article" now appends the selected content to the article displayed in the current Clibu KB/Tab. If Clibu is open in multiple Browser Windows then the most recently displayed article is used for the clip. Previously the currently selected Clibu Article was used, except when the Web Clipper had created a New Article however this wasn't very intuitive and somewhat confusing.
  • The Clibu Web Clipper has been updated to V2.0.02. It now uses https/ssl secure connections to the Clibu Server, has a updated UI to match the UI of Clibu V2 along with various improvements to make it easier and quicker to use.
  • The Title which is used for Articles created using the Web Clipper does a better job of understanding and analyzing the selected text.
  • The Clibu Web Clipper has a new [i] button which displays the address of the server it is connected to. This is useful for 'On Premise' Clibu users.
  • Autosuggest dropdown lists in dialogs now display all list content with the current match selected when they are opened.
  • The styling of text input elements has been simplified.
  • You can now select Trash and UnTagged in 'Tag or Text Search' and query on same.
  • Fixed an issue with hover tips for buttons close to the right edge of the Browser window.
  • Various updates to Clibu 'On Premise' to bring it up to date with Clibu V2.
  • Clibu V2 On Premise has been released. Open a Help Center Support Ticket to get download access. Please include information on why you want to use the On Premise version.

Clibu V2.00.08 2 Jan 2018

  • Updates to support the new version of the Clibu Web Clipper with full https/ssl support. The Web Clipper update will be released shortly.
  • Fixed an internal issue with the New Tags dialog.

Clibu V2.00.07 28 Dec 2017

  • The Clibu server along with the Clibu Browser application have been updated to fully support secure connections using https and wss.
  • On narrow displays such as smartphones the "Tag or Text Search' area now reduces its width to ensure the User menu icon is always visible.
  • A crash in Microsoft Edge which was due to an update in the last release has been fixed.

Clibu V2.00.05 17 Dec 2017

  • Clibu "Release Notes" can now be accessed from the User menu.
  • The current Tab is now kept fully in view when you resize the Browser, change and Tablet/Smartphone orientation.
  • The Article panel 'Trash' button has moved below the 'Edit/Add' buttons on Desktop screens.
  • You are now prompted to confirm moving an article to Trash.
  • The Article Edit button is now disabled for Articles  in Trash.
  • The Article floating selection toolbar is no longer displayed for Articles in Trash.
  • Ctrl+Ins no longer creates a New Article. This gets confused with Copy to Clipboard.
  • The Add/Edit/Remove Web Link dialog now sets focus to the Link text field.
  • On narrow screens the Article panel next/previous buttons are now centered horizontally and the Knowledge Base name is truncated as needed instead of wrapping to the next line.
  • On narrow Desktop screens the Article panel Add/Edit buttons stay on one line.
  • Fixed an issue which could occur when typing quickly into the Clibu Query, Query input field.

Clibu V2.00.03 11 Dec 2017

  • A 'Copy' button has been added to the Article floating toolbar. This copies the selected content to the Clipboard.
  • When you click on a link in the Article editor the link text is now selected. This enables it to be Copied etc.
  • When you select article content and end the selection with the pointer outside of the article, the selection toolbar is now displayed,
  • Fixed an issue where the floating editor toolbar could be positioned incorrectly.
  • The floating editor toolbar is now closed when you switch Tabs.
  • When you scroll an article up/down and the floating editing toolbar is open, it scrolls as well.
  • Fixed an error with six or so Tabs open, and using 'Close All Other Tabs' on the Tab menu when these other Tabs had not been displayed yet.
  • You can now select article content in MS Edge when not in edit mode.
  • Pasting images into MS Edge now works. This was an Edge issue.
  • When you click in an article annotation and then click outside of the article Clibu now stays in edit mode.

Clibu V2.00.02, 6 Dec 2017

  • When Clibu is reopened, the previous Queries are now restored for each open Tab.
  • A bug that could prevent Clibu from reopening has been fixed.
  • When you flip orientation between Portrait and Landscape on iOS/iPad/iPhone, panel heights update correctly and floating buttons position correctly.
  • On Desktop Browsers the tip that suggests clicking the 'New Article' button when a Knowledge Base has no articles is now displayed correctly beside the 'New Article' button.

Clibu V2.00.00, 5 Dec 2017

Clibu V2 is a major new release which works on Tablets, Smartphones and Desktops will all capabilities available on all platforms. See this blog post for more information.

  • Search and Tags Filter combined into one simpler user interface.
  • When Search has no matches the current articles view now remains as is.
  • New Tab Bar that scrolls and can be dragged horizontally when there are more Tabs than fit.
  • Updated Editor Toolbar that scrolls and can be dragged horizontally on Mobile devices.
  • When you create a new Article, it is now displayed in the Articles List panel.
  • A new floating text selection toolbar is used when you are not editing an article.
  • When article text is selected and you then select text elsewhere in the article the floating selection toolbar now moves to the newly selected text.
  • More hints when you are starting to use Clibu.
  • Click in article no longer puts it into edit mode, and click outside no longer exits edit mode. Instead there are specific edit start and end buttons.
  • When the Browser window is below a certain width, we now close the KB panel first and then if need be the Tags Tree panel, which is opposite to how it previously worked.
  • When you 'Add a Web Link' and change the text associated with the new link that text is updated in the article.
  • Fixed an issue in Move Article to/from Trash which would raise an error on another PC with the same KB open.
  • The Article Starred icon changes correctly now when clicked.
  • Many small performance improvements and reduced code size.
  • Improved Rename -> Merge Tags article displays update.
  • The Article panel header is updated correctly after an article is created.
  • Various other enhancements.

Clibu V1 Release Notes

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