Starting with Clibu V1.30.34 we have a version that you can install and run on your local PC or Server. This is called the "On Premise" version.

All data is stored locally and we only communicate with the outside world to check your registration and to check for new "On Premise" version releases. This gives you and only you complete control over your information.

This initial release is for Windows, with Mac and Linux versions to follow.

Downloads and Installation

There are two steps to get Clibu running on your PC. 

First you need to download and install MongoDB, which is the database that Clibu uses. Open this link, ensure that the "Windows Tab" is selected and the Version is "Windows Server 2008 R2 and later, with SSL support", then click "Download (msi)". When it has downloaded, click on the download to install it. The current version of MongoDB is installed by default in: C:\Program Files\MongoDB. Clibu will not work if you install MongoDB in a different directory.

Note that the current 'on premise' release requires MongoDB to be C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\3.4.  MongoDB v3.4.x will install itself into this directory.

Next download using the link we've emailed to you. If you haven't requested access to the "On Premise" version of Clibu, open a New support ticket in our Help Center to do so.

Unzip into whatever directory you like and then run the extracted clibu.exe file. Either double click on clibu.exe in Windows Explorer or open a Windows Command Prompt and run it from there. Note that if you are using a Windows command prompt, you must set the current directory to the directory that clibu.exe is in before running it.

When Clibu is run for the first time you will get a Firewall dialog like:

Click "Allow Access".

When you run clibu.exe it will attempt to open Clibu in your default Web Browser. If that doesn't work, open your Web Browser and follow the instructions displayed in the Command Window when Clibu started. 

ex. "Open: http://xyz:8080 in your Web Browser if Clibu doesn't open automatically". Where xyz:8080 is the text displayed in the command window. The xyz part is the Computer Name and 8080* is the port the Clibu Web server is running on. Alternatively you can use the ip address:8080 which is also displayed when Clibu starts.

* The default http port 8080 can be changed - see this article.

You can access the Clibu server from any PC on your LAN using the computer name:port or ip address:port as described above.

Whenever you want to shut the Clibu Server down type "close" and then press Enter in the command window.

When Clibu is run for the first time you need to Signup for an account if you don't already have one, otherwise Login with your existing credentials. The first person to Login becomes the Owner of the 'On Premise' Clibu.

Note: You must Signup for a Clibu account in the 'On Premise' version of Clibu and use the credentials emailed to you, in order to Login. The 'On Premise' Signup is completely separate and independent of any Signup you may have at

Known Problems:

Note that Microsoft Edge currently has problems saving Browser data when it is connected to a server running locally. This prevents Clibu from tracking which panels it has open and restoring same when next started, from working. For this and other reasons I suggest you use either Google Chrome. Firefox will also work however I suggest you read this blog post.

If the Clibu Server fails due to an internal error it will close and you will need to start Clibu.exe again. We will handle this automatically in a future release.


Q) Can I synchronize data between my 'On Premise' Clibu and my Cloud Clibu at

A) Not at this time, but this is planned.

Q) Can other users Signup and use my 'On Premise' Clibu.

A) Yes.

Q) How do I know if I'm using Clibu 'On Premise' or Clibu at

A) First the Browser address bar will be not be when using the 'On Premise' version. And second the 'On Premise' version appends 'op' to the version information displayed at the top left. ex. Clibu v1.30.40op