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Newbie question: how do I add an article to my knowledge base?

I feel like a total dummy, but now that I've created a knowledge base in Clibu, I can't figure out how to add an article.  I clicked on New Article, and I put in a title, but I could find no way to add the body of the article.  As I was writing this, a box popped up that said "Matching Topics Found," but though I went to the link (which was about the previous Clibu release), I didn't see anything about how to add the body of an article to a knowledge base.  

ADDED:  OK, I think I just figured out that if I paste the entire article into that relatively tiny space where I thought a title should go, the entire article would appear.  So I guess I've answered my own question, but I have a related one:  How do I save a URL to go with the article?  In Surfulater, the URL was automatically saved.  But in Clibu do I have to separately copy and paste the URL?  That seems a decided step backwards from Surfulater.  Or have I simply missed the info about this that I needed?

Hi Joan,

Unlike Surfulater there is no separate Title field for Articles. Simply start typing into the newly created article and/or paste content into it. 

Right now you need to paste the URL, however we are working on a Clibu Browser Extension which will enable you to capture Web page content into a specific Knowledge Base and add Tags all from within the Browser, which is a big step up over the Surfulater work-flow. This should be available fairly soon.


Neville, I would STRONGLY urge that Clibu capture titles.  Often articles start off with anecdotes or other lead-ins that don't really provide much information about the topic in the first few lines.  Surfulater certainly permitted me to capture the title, and it used the title in the tree.  That's what I'd like with Clibu.  I've been trying to at least include the title in what I paste into Clibu, but it doesn't stand out the way it does in Surfulater, since it's just presented as the start of the first four lines.  No boldface, no separation from the article.  From an information standpoint, it's pretty bad.
I'm surprised that you talk about the need to "start typing into the newly created article.  I almost NEVER type in the articles I save.  I paste them, starting with the title.  And then Surfulater automatically adds the source URL.  Since I can already add tags in Surfulater, I don't see how what Clibu offers is "a big step over the Surfulater work-flow."  I suppose you mean that eventually I won't have to open a separate program, as I do now (I have to open Surfulater), in order to select a KB and, if I want, add tags. I agree that that may ultimately be more efficient, though I find it helpful to see what categories I've already created, just as I'd probably want to see all the tags I've created in Clibu), in order to decide what tags will be best for the article I'm adding.


Hi Joan,

The Clibu Browser Extension will add the Web page Title, URL and selected content just like Surfulater. Sorry about any confusion here.

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