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How to I get rid of trash?

Today I found that most of one article I saved was not saved.  I thus deleted the incomplete article and it went into Trash.  I then wanted to get rid of it completely--the last thing I need is a collection of garbage in my Knowledge Base.  I appreciate the fact that items I delete are not immediately gone but are simply moved to Trash, but if I'm sure that I don't want it, I'd like to be able to get it totally and permanently out of my KB.  Is there I way to do this?  I couldn't find one.  I realize that this is just a Beta version and I can't expect all features to be implemented instantly, but I thought I'd mention the Trash issue just in case it hadn't been considered.

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It looks as though there is still no way to permanently delete articles. Is this the case? I'd think that this would have been implemented by now. I've created several 'test' articles while experimenting with the features and thus have several articles in my trash that I have no use for.

I'd recommend having an option that does this automated delete on a periodic basis, with the system asking the user if s/he would like to review the trash before deleting.

I'm pleased to know that a permanent delete from Trash is planned.  And I like the idea of an automatic delete of all trash articles older than X days.


Hi Joan,

There is no permanent delete from Trash yet, however it is planned. I may also include an automatic delete of all articles in trash older than say 30 days.


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