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How searching works with child tags

I'm a little puzzled by how to search for articles when they have child tags.  For example, I have an article that carries the child tag email/Gmail.  I would have expected that a search on either email or Gmail would turn up the article, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  To find the article, I have to put in the separate tag email, even though that's the parent of Gmail.  Is this the expected behavior or a bug?  If it's the expected behavior, there seems no point to having child tags--I'd be better off using email and Gmail as separate tags.

Hi Joan,

When you type into the `Tags Filter` the auto-suggest list matches on parent and child tags, so typing gmail would match 'email/gmail' as would typing email. If you are talking about the Search box (full text search) this searches article content, not tags.

Hi Neville,
Thanks for your reply.   I tried the search again, and this time clicking on email turned up an article tagged email/gmail, whereas when I tried before, it didn't seem to do so.  So I guess that works as you've said.

I do have one concern about the tag filter.  As my Clibu knowledge base grows, the list of tags is likely to become VERY long, and having to go through it to click on the tags I wish to search on will be very tedious.  I think I'd much prefer being able to type in the tags on which I want to search, just as I do a search for keywords in Linkman.  (It was Linkman that showed me the beauty of keywords, which are really quite similar to tags.)


Hi Joan,

You can type into the Tags Filter to narrow down what is displayed in the list. You can also use cursor up/down to move through the list of matches and Enter to select one. Am I missing something there?


Thanks very much, Neville, for your quick response.  I hadn't realized that I could type into the Tags Filter.  I'm really pleased that I can do that. 


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