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No Knowledge Tree in Clibu?

So, there will be no Knowledge Tree in Clibu? I liked it so much in Surfulater. That combination of Knowledge Tree and Tags Tree in Surfulater was so good - exactly what I need in my work!

Hi Aleksandra,

Thanks for the additional information. I can't see any reason why you can't use Clibu's Hierarchical Tags to categorize and organize articles in this same manner. 

You would have Hierarchical Tags: Country-> Industry->Project->2014 etc. and also Tags for politician, reaction etc. And then add these Tags to the articles. As I indicated earlier Clibu's tags do a better job than Surfulater's Folders & Tags.

Please give it a try and if there issues let me know.

Dear Neville,

I work as a researcher, this I used Sufulater for my professional work. I had to store a lot of articles and I found that combination of folders and tags was very efficient for my type of work. 

If I had an article about company X bying shares in project Y I stored it in a Knowldge Tree: Country-> Industry->Project->2014. But if there was additional information in this article which could be of interest for me (comments done by politician, reaction from another company ) I also added relevant tags.

So I work mostly with folders in a very expanded Knowldge tree. The whole construction is based on 6 main "country" folders. This is my philosophy of working. I don't say this is the best one, but it suits best my needs and I am used to it.  

Hi Aleksandra,

The Knowledge Tree in Surfulater was good, but limiting and Tags were an afterthought which sort of worked and were also limited in their use. 

Clibu enhances and evolves both of these into one unified Tags Tree. You get the same functionality as the Surfulater Folder tree, but using Tags instead with the big benefit being that an article can have as many tags as you want, and therefore be in as many tree branches as you want. This is simpler, quicker and better than having to copy articles into multiple folders in Surfulater.

Further the Tags in Clibu are true hierarchical tags, which can be moved in the hierarchy and renamed in an instant. And the Tags filter lets you quickly see just the articles you want.

I'd be interested to know where you see the shortcomings in this?

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