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Remove Knowledge Base?

The context menu seems to default to the included "Sample" database, but I'd like to start making my own. Any way to delete the sample or otherwise set the default KB?

Thanks--really loving the direction of this. First thing I've seen that could replace Evernote for me (which I would really like).

Hi William,

There is no default KB as such. Clibu will simply re-open whatever KB's you previously had open. The ability to delete a KB is on our todo list.

Great to hear you like what you see so far. We'd certainly like to see Evernote users coming across to Clibu.

Sorry about the delay replying, I hadn't noticed your post until now.

Thanks for the reply! 

It's been a year on this todo item - any update on when it will be available?

Hi Scott,

I'm planning on adding more Knowledge Base management functionality, such as Delete KB, Merge KB's, Move Article to KB etc.fairly soon now. Keep an eye out for a March release.


Clibu V1.30.20 has been released and "Delete KB" on the Knowledge Base dropdown menu now works. Merge KB's etc. will follow shortly. 

Note that I haven't written this up on the latest Blog Post or Release notes as I'm leaving that for the next release.

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Thanks for the update Neville, appreciate it.

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