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"No Tag" in Tag tree?

I was hoping that a default "No Tag" would be in the Tag Tree.  Is that coming or is there a way to find all articles in the knowledge base that do not have tags?

Hi Larry, 

The new UnTagged Tag lets you find all articles that don't have Tags. See the V0.84.00 Blog post for more information.

Thank you. I'm aware of the All Articles but in order to find those that aren't tagged I'd have to scroll through the entire knowledge base. I use tags a lot and so checking for those that aren't tagged is a necessity for me.

I would like to ask it be added in the near future. 

Thank you.

Hi Larry,

There is no "Untagged" Tags Tree item at present, but I'm happy to look at adding this. There is 'All Articles' which no doubt you are aware of.

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