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port & host in 'on premise' Clibu?

How do I change/set the port and host for 'on premise' Clibu?

cheers, Gwynne.

Hi Gwynne,

Please see this new article. If you need further assistance let me know.

Cheers Neville I've got the port number working but what (I think) need to be able to set is the host string as well. I'm trying to access the 'on premise' instance from outside my lan (I'm going to be away for a couple of weeks and was trying to set up access through DynDNS to my broadband router (which is working for other stuff). Clibu serves up the initial page but as soon as I try to log in I get a message saying a connection with the server cannot be established, see image:

Cheers, Gwynne.

Cheers Neville, I have the port setting working thanks. The next problem I'm having is getting clibu to work from outside the LAN. I'm going to be away for the next couple of weeks and was trying to get it set up using a DynDNS pointer to my router, which is currently working for other stuff. The landing page shows up ok but trying to log in results in a dialog saying a connection with the server cannot be established, see attached image.

Cheers, Gwynne.

Hi Gwynne,

In addition to the HTTP Web Server (port) Clibu uses Port 9091 so you will need to forward that using DynDns etc. as well. This port can't currently be changed.

Cheers Neville, all working now, thanks :) 

Do you have any plans to make it install-able as a service? Not critical as I already have it running fine as a service using NSSM (

Cheers, Gwynne.

PS apologies for the double post, not paying attention :)

Hy Gwynne,

Great to hear you have it all working. 

No plans for a Windows Service. 

We do have plans to provide a service to enable you to access the 'on premise' version of Clibu from anywhere without having to muck around with your router etc. and this will also enable us to provide you with more capabilities.

Please do get back to me with your feedback on using Clibu.

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