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feature requests

Hi Neville,

Looks like the software is coming along nicely :)
Im sure you have a bunch of feature requests, but I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring
* import from surfulater. I know this has been requested before... I've got over 10 years worth of articles in surfulater, and it's a bit barrier to switching to another piece of software
* tree snapshots for tags. Initially when the 'tree snapshots' feature came out, I didnt think I'd use it, but I find it quite helpful in defining subsets of data.
* search across KBs - sometimes I cant remember where I put a KB


Hi Taras,

Thanks, slowly but surely it gets better with each new release.

* At present I have no plans on importing from Surfulater. The main problem being that Surfulater has no export capability.

* Clibu has a snapshot capability already, however I haven't exposed it's user interface as yet.

* Search across KBs is definitely coming.

Apologies for the delay replying, but I put it on the back-burner over the xmas break so I could focus on new Clibu development and planning.

Great news.

Would it be difficult to build out an export capability, or potentially something we can build out ourselves? From memory the data is stored in a sql lite database in a non-proprietary format (I don't know what the clibu interface is like.. I assume it has a REST interface?).. I suppose the mapping wouldn't be exactly 1-1 given that clibu has no folders (so you'd have to create the equivalent hierarchical tags in clibu)

Surfulater content is stored across three databases which is pretty messy. I doubt whether there is an easy way to directly access the databases to extract what's needed for export. 

There is no REST interface, nor a HTTP Server in Surfulater. 

The only thing I can think of that may be possible is to use Surfulater's Publish to Web KB capability and then process the html output files and convert them into a format suitable for importing into Clibu. 

Note that Clibu doesn't have import/export yet, but both a coming.

Exporting to HTML and then parsing the result is a pretty good idea actually. I might give it a shot when I have a bit more time.

Thanks for your help!

Neville Franks, what about the import/export capability? Export is necessary for these reasons:

- To keep a full backup of my content in my computer in common form (text and images).

- To export a text search result or all articles with the same tag.

Full export is planned. We do regular backups of all databases on the server. 

We are also doing work on full offline support where a copy of the database is kept on your device.

If by import you mean to restore a Clibu database, then that is also planned. Import from other applications is more difficult as every application is different.

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