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Does Clibu time out?

I leave Clibu running all day. I used to think it kept me logged in continuously, but lately Clibu has started to hang while I do a search (it starts searching but never completes). But when I refresh my browser and then search again, it completes normally.

Is this caused by Clibu timing out or something? How do I prevent this from happening? 

Clibu doesn't have any timeout at present, although we'll probably implement some sort of inactive use period timeout in the future.

I haven't seen any issues with search hanging when I'm in the office with a fixed IP address. However I have just started to see a problem the last few days when I'm connected via. a 4G Cellular Modem, which is a new device I'm using. I was thinking this may be due to the ISP's ip address changing, but that may not be the case.

Next time it happens can you press F12 to open Developer Tools and then select the Console Tab and let me know what is displayed there. It will most likely be a Websocket timeout. Also let me know what type of Internet connection you have,

Hi Neville. It happened again. This is what I got from my browser:

In clibu_server_machine.js `` is undefined  build.min.js:1:1049838
Unable to fetch clibu_config! error: Error: Network Timeout
Stack trace:
 , url: "" , clibu_config.DevBuild: undefined  build.min.js:1:1064705
Connection lost - retrying (1) .. build.min.js:1:850995
Empty string passed to getElementById().

I am at work running off our work network. Don't know the details though.


Thanks, that's helpful.

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