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Clibu now forces re-login upon timeout?

Clibu currently times out after a period of time, which causes any operation to hang indefinitely. Up until a few days ago, I could just refresh my browser and Clibu restores its connection. Now when I refresh, I am prompted to log back into Clibu. I realize this was probably added for security, but this extra step makes Clibu more cumbersome to use. If I'm going to be logged out after a period of time, I'd like to be able to control when this happens (set my own timeout period). 

Hi Carl,

Absolutely nothing has changed in Clibu since the last release in March, so this recent change in what you are seeing is hard to explain from our end.

Is this in a corporate environment? If so you could see if your IT folks have any ideas.

There are options in the Login dialog to Save your Email address and Password locally. If these are on, then a Browser Refresh will log you in without prompting.

If the Browser loses it's connection to the Clibu server, Clibu will attempt to reconnect for a short time. If this reconnect times out Clibu will prompt you to reconnect.

As per our earlier discussion: "Clibu doesn't have any timeout at present, although we'll probably implement some sort of inactive use period timeout in the future.

You are right Neville--the "Save Password" option got set to "off" somehow. That's why it was prompting me to log in after a timeout. I put it back to "on" and now it works as before. Thanks.

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