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Clibu search should be case insensitive

I just discovered today that Clibu's search is case sensitive. For improved usability, it should default to case insensitive searching. (I assume that the normal search options like case-sensitivity, whole word search, etc., will be added later.)


It appears that the Clibu search is indeed case insensitive already. So I think I've hit a bug.

I have an article with the words "MQ Native" in the title. 

  • If I search for "mq" or "Mq", the article is not found. If I try "MQ", it is found. This is what made me think that the search was case sensitive.
  • However if I search for "native" or "nATIVE", the article is found. 

This bug appears to apply only to words that are in all uppercase: in this case you need to replicate the uppercase in order for it to be found. 

Hi Carl,

Search isn't case sensitive however there are issues where it's matching isn't optimal, which will be addressed.

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