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Working with tags in the latest release

Neville, the new release of Clibu looks nice. But I noticed this change in functionality immediately: you can no longer add and remove tags in the same dialog box! I thought the previous method of turning the check marks to 'X' was pretty clever (though somewhat unintuitive). Now if I want to add and remove tags, I have to do it separately. 

Hi Carl,

The primary reason for the original implementation was to enable multiple Tags to be added at once, which I thought would be useful. That said rightly or wrongly I was under the impression this capability wasn't being used. I'm a heavy Tags user and don't think I've ever used it.

I completely agree about the UI/UX being unintuitive, so I decided to simplify everything and remove it. 

You can delete Tags by clicking on the [x] on each Tag, which is quicker than opening the Tags selection dialog. 

And with V2 you can add Tags to articles directly from the Tags Tree menu.

If there is sufficient interest I can revisit this.

Glad you like the look of V2, so do I :-)

Neville, now I remember what really bugs me about your new design: the Tags dialog box no longer supports selecting several tags at once! It dismisses after each tag, requiring  me to involve the dialog again. That's a hassle. 

As for adding tags from the Tags Tree menu, I find that less convenient. And Clibu often collapses my tree menus thinking there's not enough space in the browser (after battle that I constantly fight). 

Carl, in V2 it is quicker to add a single tag to an article which is the most common thing you do. 

How often do you want to add more than one tag to an article at the same time? 

And as you said in your first post the original UI that let you add multiple tags at once it was never that intuitive. 

So really it is a trade-off: keep things simpler for the most common use case and a few more clicks otherwise or make the ui more complicated and less intuitive for the benefit of a lesser use case?

I changed the panel collapse code to collapse the Knowledge Tree first, upon an earlier request of yours, so the Tags tree shouldn't be affected as much now. 

My most common use cases with Clibu is to create a new article and then add 2-3 tags to it. I guess I can live with adding those tags separately, though multi-tag select would be most welcome. 

As for the panel collapse, I find that Clibu does this less often now; just occasionally. That reminds me to expand the browser width. It'd be nice to have a Preferences setting for auto collapse on/off. 

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