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Parts of Clibu interface inexplicably inaccessible

This is kind of hard to describe, but I've noticed that blocks of Clibu's interface suddenly become "inaccessible" once I create a new topic. Areas that are clickable previously now all display the "not available" symbol (circle with red slash). See attached screenshot for an illustration.

I have verified that this glitch appears in both Chrome and Firefox.


With Clibu V1 you could click anywhere in an article to edit it and then click anywhere outside of an article to finish editing. This was never great and doesn't work well at all on tablets and smartphones. 

So in Clibu V2 you have to explicitly add or edit an article and then click on the *tick* button to finish editing. During editing all parts of the UI except the article you editing are now disabled to hopefully make this behaviour clearer. Tabs are disabled yet, but should be.

Hopefully that explains your issue.

Neville, I understand that this was done for tablets, but it's another change that slows down the fast, "seamless" experience of using Clibu on a computer IMHO.

Carl, yes I tend to agree and was waiting to see for myself and from others what impact this had. 

I'll most likely add an option in Settings to enable click in article to commence editing, but leave it so you have to click the tick button to end editing vs. click anywhere outside of the article. 

This would only be available on non-touch devices.

How does that sound?

That would be perfect. I think many of these "desktop vs. mobile" issues could be resolved by Preferences settings, where you can toggle a setting to make Clibu more desktop or mobile friendly. I realize that the "tap outside" to exit in mobile can be a bit clumsy, especially since sometimes it's hard to "tap outside" without accidentally invoking another button that you didn't intend to hit. But it's completely natural on a computer. Looking for that (somewhat unintuitive) check mark to click actually slows you down. (Again, a big green check mark makes perfect sense when using this on a phone. But in Windows, it's just lost against all the other stuff on the screen.) 

This is the thing I loved about Surfulater to begin with: double-click to enter edit mode (I've programmed my middle mouse button to double click), then click outside to exit and save. 

Carl, click to edit is back. See: Clibu V2.00.11 Released, Quick Tour, Click to edit are back


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