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Internal LInks?

I'm just starting to play around with this so forgive me if I'm missing something obvious.

Is there no way to create internal links between articles within Clibu? Like to build your own wiki. The only options I see with 'insert link' are web site, email address, or bookmark.  Is bookmark the equivalent of a link to an individual article in a knowledge base?  If so I'm having trouble finding how to generate a bookmark to paste into that interface.


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Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your interest in Clibu. 

Clibu enables you to link artticles together using 'See Also' links. This is a two step process.

1) Select the target article in the 'Article List' by clicking it's checkbox. ie. the article you want to link to.


2) Open the article you want to add the link to and click on the Edit pencil button. Then select the text you want to apply the link to and this toolbar will popup:


Click on the button highlighted above to add the link to the selected text. 

The button to the right enables you to add Annotations which are accessed by clicked on the selected word. 

This is a slightly old blog post with information on 'See Also' links.

If I can help further please ask.

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