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Return of "Click to edit"!

Neville, I welcome the return of 'Click to edit' and the accompanying Settings controls. This is the best way to handle the desktop vs. mobile differences. I am also glad to see that you fixed the floating toolbar issue quickly, as I was going to write about it.

Further suggestion: With 'Click to edit', you should also reinstate the 'Click outside to save' functionality too. Call me lazy, but I still find that having to locate and click the green check box to exit slows me down. Being able to click anywhere outside of the text box is quick and natural (in desktop mode at least). 

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Hi Carl,

I did think about and look at reinstating click outside of the article to end editing, but left it for now. 

What I wanted to do was to enable click on a KB/Tab to select that Tab and still leave the original Tab/Article in edit mode, so you could look up some info in another article, then continue editing the original article. Or taking this further, enable articles in multiple Tabs to edited at the same time. If you left any article in edit mode for a certain period without further editing, it would exit edit mode.

I think something along these lines would be worthwhile and improve Clibu's overall usability.

This doesn't fit well with how the editing code currently works. My plan is to refactor and most likely replace the current wysiwyg editor with a better one which allows collaborative editing amongst other new capabilities. At that time I'll revisit this.

FYI Esc exists edit mode, which is what I typically use.

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