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Need to improve "See also" linking

I just tried the "See also" linking feature for the first time, and it's very confusing. I  expect to simply highlight some text, select "See also", then navigate to the article I want to link to. But instead, it requires me to select the destination article first, then go back an select the linking text! 

This is confusing, because often my source/destination articles are organized under different tags. So I must exit the editing, select another tag, find my destination article, select it, then go back to my original tag, find my source article, locate where I wanted the hyperlinked text, then add the "See also" link! All this mental "context switching" is exhausting and I often forget where I'm at. 

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The way I use Clibu is to have multiple KB/Tabs open. The target article for a 'See Also' link is open in one Tab and the article I'm editing and which I want to add the 'See Also' link to is in another. I can't say I've ever had a workflow issue with this setup.

That said I can see your point of view as well. Right now you can't switch Tabs while you are editing so you're suggestion isn't possible. However I do plan to remove this restriction at some point and can revisit this then.

I agree with Carl. The way that the 'See Also' linking works is counter-intuitive. I see how your workflow method works, but it also seems more like a workaround that an actual workflow solution.

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