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Changes to Clibu not being saved on the server?

This is very odd. I've made changes to an article, but left it in the editing state for the entire day. When I came back the next day, it's still in the editing state, but my edits appear to have disappeared! 

I thought I was seeing things, so I reapplied the edits, then again left it in the editing state while I worked on other things. Now today I look at the article and uttered "what the...???" I have have swore I updated that article! Yet here it was still showing what I had several days ago!

I'm not sure if you've had server glitches, but I'm really surprised that my draft wasn't autosaved correctly. Perhaps there's a bug that affects articles left in the edit state for long periods of time?

Carl, the only way I can see this happening is when you have an article open for editing in multiple Clibu Tabs, in multiple Browsers and/or on multiple PCs. In that scenario the last Tab / Article to exit edit mode will have its edits saved overwriting any edits made in other Tabs. While an article is in edit mode any changes made to that article elsewhere, will not affect that article.

But what you are saying is that edits you made were somehow undone while an article was in edit mode!

We released V2.00.20 of Clibu yesterday which required Clibu to be restarted on the Server. At worst you might lose any edits made in the 5 seconds prior to that restart.

I will see if I can reproduce the issue.

Thanks, Neville. This might be hard to reproduce and my evidence is only anecdotal. I only run Clibu on my work machine. The only time when Clibu is run on different machines is on Monday, where I work from home. I use my home machine to connect to our VPN. Maybe there was a slight slight possibility that the overlap occurred at that time? I could have swore this incident happened after Monday though. 

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