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Niggly bug when selecting text

I've been using the Clibu betas for a while now and I'm quite impressed by its speed, reliability, and stability. While there are design changes that I'd still like to see (like a more intuitive "See also" linking), here's a suggestion that should be easy to fix:

I like to select text by using Ctrl-Shift-Right arrow. This selects one word at a time to the right, and is the standard used by many programs. However it's broken going the opposite direction: using Ctrl-Shift-Left arrow does not select text going to the left! Instead, the cursor just jumps one word to the left. 

This one simple fix will help improve Clibu's usability. 

Carl, what Browser are you using? 

On Chrome I can't replicate this issue.

I see now--this glitch only happens in bulleted paragraphs. It works fine on normal paragraphs.

I never noticed this until now. I use these keystrokes so often and instinctively that I never noticed when the sequence actually worked. I only remember the times it irritated me when it didn't work.

I am using Chrome. You should be able to reproduce it now. 

Hi Carl,

Thanks, yes there is a strange issue when you select text backwards in bulleted lists.Happens with shift-left arrow as well. Added to the list.

Carl, this has been fixed and will be in the next release out shortly.

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