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Line breaks are lost when copying code out of Clibu

I have discovered that code that I paste into Clibu and then subsequently copy back out, have no line break when I paste the text into another application. I format the text as "Code Block" in Clibu, but it makes no difference. I've also tried pasting, then formatting as code, and also pasting into an existing code block. Makes no difference.

The weird thing is, the code does show with the proper breaks and indents while in Clibu, even when I copy and paste it into a new topic within Clibu. But when I try to paste that code outside of Clibu, everything turns into a one long string.

I am using Chrome on Ubuntu 18.04. Copying and pasting from another notepad app (like Notepadqq, a Notepad++ clone) works properly in retaining line breaks. 

I've tried copying content inside a code block and also content that includes a code block from Clibu into two different text editors, one being Notepad2 on Windows 10 and the line breaks appear correctly.

Content copied into the clipboard is typically added in several formats by the OS and it is up to the application doing the paste to choose an appropriate format and process it as need be.

Sorry about the delay replying.

So in other words, I guess this is a limitation of Linux? That's too bad I guess. 

I'd be surprised if it is a Linux issue, more likely the Notepad app. Have you tried pasting into other apps?

It's more like pasting from Clibu to the Notepad app in Linux is behaving the way I expect, but pasting to my XML authoring tool (OxygenXML) is not. (But it pastes correctly in OxygenXML if I copy it from the Notepad app.)

Well then I suggest you contact the OxygenXML developers as it seems to me like something they aren't handling correctly.

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