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Saving Whole Web Pages

I've just started trying to use Clibu.

I am using the web clipper extension.

I want to save whole web pages, but when I use the clipper, all it seems to save is the web page title and description.

To save a whole web page, am I supposed to manually select the entire web page by scrolling down it with my mouse, right click copy, and then paste it all into that tiny box in the pop-up?

Surely not, I must be missing something.

Kind Regards

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Hi Iain,

The Clibu Web Clipper saves whatever content you have selected on the page. If you want to save a whole page you can use Ctrl+A to select all content then either right click and use the "Clibu Web Clipper" menu options or use the Clibu Web Clipper icon on the Browser Address Bar. The later gives you the ability to select a specific Knowledge Base, add Tags plus a short Description.

The right click Clibu options vary depending on whether content is selected or not. If no content is selected you will just get the page title etc.

It is typically more useful to save specific content on a web page vs. the entire page which may have advertisements, navigation heading and various other cruft which isn't of interest and gets in your way.

There are several Clibu Blog Articles with more information on the Web Clipper.

I hope that helps, don't hesitate to ask if I can assist further.

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