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How can I dismiss formatting pop-up box?

The formatting pop-up box that appears when you select text is handy sometimes, but a hindrance at other times. For example, I am trying to change the text size, but the pop-up blocks the text size control when my text is near the top of the page. Clicking outside to dismiss the popup also removes my text selection, so I'm stuck.

There should be a way to dismiss the popup without losing my text selection. 

Carl, Yes this is an oversight on my part. My plan is to move the pop-up below the selection if it will overlap the toolbar. When that's done do you still see a need for a dismiss capability?

Having the pop-up shift automatically helps, but it doesn't completely remove the need for a dismiss capability. For example, I wish to copy a few characters/words/lines. The moment I select anything, that big popup appears and obscures the surrounding text that I wish to copy.

I recommend making 'Esc' the dismiss key, just for that one instance.  

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