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Allow reordering of tags within a topic

Here's an enhancement suggestion: allow the tags that are applied to a topic to be reordered alphabetically or (better) support drag-and-drop reorder.


I've created several tag categories and I have the Tag tree view open all the time. By default, Clibu orders all these tags alphabetically in the tree. But over time, I've discovered that the tags that use most often are often further down the list, necessitating scrolling. To remedy this, I've renamed the tag parents with "1.", "2.", etc., in their names. This causes the tags to reorder the way I want them.

Now to the articles: the tags are listed in the order in which they are applied. After renaming the tags however, they show up as "3.", "1.", "2.", etc. I would like these to be reordered alphabetically, or allow me to drag and drop. I realize that I can force a reorder by deleting and reapplying the tags, but that's more work. 

Hi Carl, Over the past few months I've been working on a complete rewrite of Clibu's Tree components with a range of new functionality including:

  • Multiple tree views
    • Order by Name (the current view)
    • Order by Date Created (tree displays, year, month, week, tag(s))
    • Order by Date Modified (tree displays, year, month, week, tag(s))
    • Used defined order. Lets you order siblings (items at the same tree level)  however you want,
  • Rearrange the tree using drag and drop. (Excluded for the Date views).
  • Sort the current view ascending/descending.
  • Used selectable Tree Icons - displayed to the left of the tag name.
  • Ability to select the background color for each tree row.
  • Tree item hoisting. Enables any Tag to become the root or top-level item in the tree.
  • Optional Tree lines - for easier tree visualization.
  • Branch Expand/Collapse state persists across sessions.

These are major updates to the tags tree which greatly enhance it's useability.

I'm developing this outside of Clibu and it will take some time to incorporate it back into Clibu. 

I am planning to make a test app available for folks to try and provide feedback. And to update the Blog, which I haven't done for a while now.

That sounds really awesome, Neville. I would like to try your test app and provide feedback.

Will the tag enhancements also allow repositioning of the tags as they appear in an article? Or do they automatically reposition depending on the tree sorting in effect?

Tags in an article are ordered by when they are added to the article. 

My plan is to add a lot more drag & drop capabilities to Clibu over time and the ability to reorder article tags would fit into this bag.

Keep your eye on the Blog for info on the new Tree.

Carl, We've unveiled the new Clibu Tree widget plus a Demo. See: … and  

Your feedback much appreciated.

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