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Clibu Search returns odd matches

In general, Clibu's Search function does a good job in finding the articles I want. But I've noticed that matches against article titles often produce weird hits. As an example, see the attached screenshot. I'm searching for an article using an exact string from the article title. But instead of that article coming up as the top hit, Clibu appears to randomly find another article that contains the elements of the string, but from disparate and non-obvious locations! 

Clibu should give priority for matches within article titles. 

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I'm not entirely sure Titles should have a higher priority, but maybe! 

At present Clibu doesn't treat Titles in any special way, they just happen to be the first text in an article. This may change in the future, as below.

If you try the search in (in Filters) you will see much better matching. This uses fuzzy matching with weighted results. This is a completely new search to what's in Clibu. As this is a filter you can't actually see the weighting of results.

Also the next release of this trial app (coming soon) separates Title from the rest of the content and has a completely new and way better editor.

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