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Is Clibu down?

Clibu suddenly became unavailable and when I attempt to restart it, the spinner on Chrome would run for several minutes and then it would display "404 Not Found".

First time Clibu has failed on me! And I keep all my work notes in there too. 

I am in Canada, on the west coast. 

Hi Carl,

Thanks for letting us know. It looks like the NGinx server that sits in front of Clibu to provide HTTPS/SSL support had an issue. 

FYI Clibu itself was still running. I've never seen it fail and not recover. And this is the first time I've seen an NGinx issue.

Everything seems fine again now.

Whew--thanks for looking into this quickly, Neville! I was beginning to worry a bit. When it was down, the error message did mention nginx.

As Murphy would have it, it was in the middle of the night our time. Not a great way to start my day. :-)

Good 'ol Murphy strikes again!

Hopefully it wasn't too onerous to resolve. Did you get a deluge of messages? (Sometimes it looks like it's mainly me talking on this forum. <grin>)

No deluge, fortunately. The Ticket system is more active than the forum. It would certainly be nice to see the forums used more.

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