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Glitchiness in exiting "code inline" formatting

Here is a formatting glitch when trying to exit the formatting "Code inline":

  1. In Clibu, format some text as "Code inline".
  2. Place the cursor right after the code inline text and type some more text.
  3. The new text is also formatted "Code inline"--that's expected.
  4. Select the new text and select formatting "Normal". 

Result: The new text gets pushed to a new line and the formatting remains "Code inline", even though the formatting box shows "Normal". Clicking in the text again reveals "Code inline" as the format. Now if I select "Normal" again, it is finally formatted as normal text.

Expected behaviour: The new text is reformatted as normal paragraph text and remains inline (i.e., not pushed to a new line).

Found in: Chrome for Ubuntu Linux

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Hi Carl,

There are various issues with the current editor in Clibu, which is now somewhat dated. The good news is there are far better, more powerful and more robust editing components available now compared to when I started developing Clibu.

I've just released an alpha version of Clibu Notes which includes such a new editor. Basic editing capabilities are available now, with much more to come.

See today's Clibu Blog post for more information and a link to the Demo app.

I'll look forward to any comments on the blog.

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