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Inconsistent search in Clibu

I depend on Clibu to track my tickets from Jira. I need reliable search to locate my articles that mention a specific ticket number. But I've discovered that Clibu's search is not as rock-solid as I would like.

From my experience, Clibu reliably finds search strings in:

  • article titles
  • regular paragraph text

But Clibu's search is unreliable when searching for text in:
  • bulleted lists
  • other non-standard formatted paragraphs
See the attached screenshot for an example. There are 8 tickets in the bulleted list. Only 6 of the 8 issue numbers pull up this article. The other two do not find this article, but finds other articles that also happen to mention the number.

I have tested this against other articles that lists a bunch of tickets. There are always a few that cannot be found. These are always in bulleted lists. When I copy and paste the content into a standard paragraph, it is found. 

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Carl, I've been waiting to get the new release of Clibu Notes up with it's new full text search engine before replying. I've done some tests with bulleted lists and they all worked correctly. 

The search engine in Clibu Notes is far more capable than the one used in Clibu, which is good news. I don't know whether the issue you reported is caused by the search engine, or the bulleted lists. Neither would surprise me.

See for details. I've emailed you Clibu Notes access info.

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