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What's up with Clibu?

I notice that the last blog post was from April 2021. What's been happening? Is Clibu Notes still being developed? What about Clibu itself?

I still use Clibu daily for tracking information in my job. There doesn't seem to be any data export feature, so if Clibu goes down--or heaven forbid--vanishes, that'll be a major setback for me.

I am quite happy with Clibu--that's why I haven't jumped to another note-taking tool (well, I do use Standard Notes as well, but that's for simpler notes). 

It's kinda disconcerting when there's been no news, no new versions for years in a SaaS product!

Hi Carl,

I have been very slack with the blog, primarily because I've not had a lot to say or show. 

The good news is that Clibu Notes is coming together nicely and IMO looks, feels and works well. 

There was a major setback with the library I was using to handle offline use which forced me to discard a lot of code I'd put a lot of time and effort into. The switch to a different library required an extensive rewrite to both backend and frontend code, which in turn took a lot of time.

I also switched high level editor frameworks and some other low level libraries. Again taking time and resources. Much time has been spent evolving and improving the code base whilst trying to prevent runaway complexity. That said Clibu Notes is an ambitious and complex app. 

An overarching goal is to keep the UI and UX as simple as possible, not an easy task. This has also required quite a few iterations and there maybe more to come, once it is out in the wild.

I've been using Clibu Notes for real for the past few weeks instead of Clibu and I'm finding it quite magical, especially the offline use case. I've been on the road with intermittent Internet and have Clibu Notes running on a Windows Laptop, Android Tablet, Android Phone and a Lenovo Duet Chromebook. It runs as an Installed App on the Android and Chromebook devices.

When any device comes back online all changes automatically sync up in both directions. This is something that is lacking from most applications, including of course Clibu.

The Clibu Notes editor is quite a step up in functionality from Clibu and it will also continue to evolve.

I'll likely turn this into a Blog post, but you've heard it here first.

Finally Clibu has been rock solid and that will continue. We'll look at an Export capability down the track. Clibu Notes has had Export and Import for some time now.  

That's great to hear, Neville! What you just wrote would make a great blog post. I only check your blog once every few months anyway. Having something is better than nothing for the past 15 months. 

Fortunately I've always had internet connection, so Clibu suffices for me. But I would really appreciate a data export feature. Though Clibu has been rock solid, there's always a fear of losing everything in a blink of an eye... (On a related note, here in Canada, one of our major telecom providers had a massive outage that lasted days--their customers had no cell service, no internet, retailers had no point-of-sale (meaning no credit cards accepted!). Even 911 calls were affected. This is what we all fear!) 

New Blog post is up at: 

Unfortunately Internet access in Australia can be problematic. It has improved greatly over the past 4+ years with NBN however there are still plenty of areas with poor to no Internet.

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