Q. How do I report bugs?

A. Open a Ticket at the Clibu Help & Support Center

Q. What’s the best link to read about Clibu and our plans? 

A. Our Blog.

Q. How do I request new capabilities, critique what's there and discuss Clibu in general with the developers and other Clibu Users?

A. Use the Community Forums at the Clibu Help & Support Center.

Q. Does Clibu have Context Menus?

A. Yes, click on the dropdown arrow beside various items. Clibu doesn't use right click for context menu's in order to support Tablets etc. 

Q. What's the best way to add content from Web pages into Clibu?

A. Chrome users can install the 'Clibu Web Clipper' via. the Clibu 'Users' menu. Until we get Web Clipper Extensions for other Web Browsers, Copy the selected Web page content and then Paste that into Clibu. 

Q. How do I add 'See Also' links between Articles?

A. See this blog post.

Q. Can I Email information directly into Clibu Articles?

A. Yes, see this blog post.

Q. Will I be able to use Clibu offline?

A. Yes. We are looking at several options here as part of Clibu V2's Progressive Web Archtiecture.

Q. Can I install Clibu on my own PC/Server.

A. Yes. We have an On Premise version of Clibu.

Q. Does Clibu work on Tablets and Smartphones?

A. Yes, Clibu V2 fully supports Smartphones, Tablets and Desktops, with all capabilities available on all platforms. See the V2 Pt1 Blog post.